Frequently Asked Questions

What is dvdcoverlinks?

Dvdcoverlinks is a cover archive linking to high resolution dvdcovers online. Dvdcoverlinks is 100% free and anyone can contribute by adding covers. In additional to the covers, we also provide movie reviews. You are able to write your own movie reviews and submit them. We hope that dvdcoverlinks will help you finding the perfect movies to buy by using the information we provide.

When was dvdcoverlinks created?

Dvdcoverlinks was launched in January 2008.

What kind of covers can be found at dvdcoverlinks?

At the moment dvdcoverlinks only offer dvdcovers. We have both custom and scanned covers.

Which language do you accept on the covers?

We accept all the languages you find under categories.

What is minimum/max size on upload?

1 MB is minimum size. We prefer covers to be less than 8 mb

What is is our partner. They are hosting all the covers. We are linking to all the covers, which is also why we are called dvdcoverlinks. In additonal to people may upload images to other image host which will work as mirrors incase gets downtime.

How can I help dvdcoverlinks?

Simple, just add quality covers to our database and help us grow by spreading the word!

How can I get in contact with dvdcoverlinks?

You may contact us using the "support" page.